Advance 3R initiative at the Goodwill Primary School

On Wednesday 20th February 2013, the Corporation launched its maiden Advance Waste Management Project. The project lasted approximately three and the half months. It ran from the 20th February to 5th June 2013. The project was designed in two components: a theory and practical session.

The theory session was divided in two groups: 4th and 5th graders. These grades were focused more on the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and composting. The other grades assisted in the promotion of the R's campaign. Some students were asked to be litter wardens and the entire school was asked to bring recyclable items.

Mr. Jacob welcomed the facilitators to the session and gave the objectives for the project; (for the school to be used as a model school in the 3R initiative). We would like the children to make toys from various recyclables materials. Miss Kimisha Thomas demonstrated to the students how they can use recyclables material to create various toys. Mr. Kamil LeBlanc gave several lectures how to make compost. Composting was encouraged to revive the school garden and a means of cash generation.

Mr. Jeno Jacob, (Public Relation Officer) and the Mr. Bristol Lawrence, (General Manager), held a meeting with the father on Wednesday 13th March 2013 to discuss 3Rs initiative and their involvement. The fathers agreed to assist in the preparation of the composite. Tuesday 19th April, 2013 the debris was removed with the assistance of equipment 1. The area for the composting shed was prepared.

On the Saturday 13th April 201, the parents and teachers association of the school with its main partners joined their forces to erect the shed for the compost. Composting was expected to take as soon as the shed will be totally completed. The actual production began from 23rd April 2013. JADD donated $3, 000 towards the project. Also, J. Astaphans & Company Ltd gave a 15 percent discount against the purchase of material project. Sign Man agreed to design a sign for the recycling bin area. E.H. Charles, 4D-agri Centre, also gave tools for the project. Other sponsors who contributed to the project Launching and closing ceremony: Reuben Bakery, Pastries, Robinson Grocery, Josephine Gabriel & Company, A C Shillingford & Company Limited, H.H.V. Whitchurch.

On Monday 22nd April 2013, various stakeholders came under one umbrella to celebrate World Earth Day at the Goodwill Primary School Ground. The theme for the World Earth day was "The Face of Climate Change." The stakeholders involved were Dominica Discovery Authorities, Forestry Division, Environmental Coordinating Unit, Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation partnered with the Goodwill school. Also, members of the media attended the ceremony among them were DA Vibes and SAT TV. Representative of the various organizations gave brief addresses at the ceremony. The ceremony was followed by the actual planting of trees. Thirty (30) trees of various kinds were planted such as Barbados Pride, almond tree, and croton. The students are expected to water the plants in the morning and evening, and to weed the plants when necessary. This project is used to beautify the school and to protect our environments.

On the 5th of June 2013, the school held a grand exhibition to climax the project which also coincides with "World Environment Day." Various schools across the island took part in the exhibition. The exhibition went beyond our expectation. Our young are very innovative. Therefore, we must make use of them before they get polluted. The minister of Education the Honorable Petter St. Jean and other invited guest applauded the students for their effort and creativity. It will be a day that never be forgotten in DSWMC history.

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