Fond Cole Sanitary Landfill

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The Fond Cole Sanitary Landfill is located in Fond Cole, one (1) mile north of Roseau. The landfill occupies approximately 18 acres and has been designed to accept waste from the island for a fifteen year period. Operations commenced Thursday, September 01, 2005.

Acceptable Waste

The Fond Cole Sanitary Landfill will accept the following types of waste:

  • Industrial Waste – this includes (a) waste from light industry and manufacturing including construction and demolition , (b) waste from industrial and residential construction
  • Green Waste – wood and vegetation (this material will be directed to the landfill composting site)
  • Commercial Waste – waste from shops, hotels, restaurants and garages, and include such materials as metal parts, plastics and packaging from garages
  • Household and Institutional Waste – waste from offices, dwellings, schools, Government offices, correctional facilities and hospitals with the exception of hazardous health care waste
  • Hazardous Health Care Waste – bio-medical waste generated in health care establishments including veterinary clinics and funeral parlours which present identifiable environmental, human health, social and aesthetics concerns. These include infectious waste, pathological waste, sharps etc. Such waste will be treated at the Bio Medical Waste Management Facility of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Site Access

The Landfill Attendant opens the gate to the landfill at 7.00am. Signs posted at the entrance and within the site will inform users about the rules and procedures. All incoming vehicles are to proceed to the weighbridge. All vehicles transporting waste must be covered.

Wheel Washing Facility

Wheel Washing FacilityA Wheel Washing Facility is provided at the Site. The Landfill Attendant directs all exiting vehicles to use the facility before the vehicle leaves the site.  The Wheel Wash Facility is located so that there is sufficient distance between the wash area and the public road.  This will prevent any earth, mud, debris, and dust from being deposited on public highways.

Odour and Leachate Control Systems

The landfill is operated in a manner that minimises odour attributable to putrefying waste or associated items.  Operational procedures typically involve placing suitable cover material over the waste in a timely manner. The facility is also equipped with Leachate and gas extraction mechanisms.

Odour and Leachate Control Systems

Landfill Equipment

Landfill EquipmentThe Bomag Sheep Foot Compactor with high push power and high compaction density will help lengthen the life of the Fond Cole Sanitary Landfill.

  • It was purchased through Caribbean Development Bank loan funding.
  • It ensures that garbage is properly spread, compacted and covered.

Bio Medical Waste Management

Bio medical waste is processed in the gasifier before burning. A Refrigerated Vehicle for treatment and collection of Bio Medical waste was purchased through CDB funding.

Bio Medical Waste Management

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