Guidelines for the removal of Derelict Vehicles

Image of a derelect vehicle

What is a Derelict Vehicle?

The Litter Act of 1990 and the Solid Waste Management Act 1 of 2002, states: any vehicle (old or new) which is not licensed or insure for six months and which poses a public nuisance and breeding grounds for vectors, such as rats and mosquitoes.

The Authorized Officer

  • Upon locating a derelict vehicle in a public place, the Authorized Officer must contact the owner
  • He must produce his instrument of appointment issued in accordance with the Litter Act, to verify his authority
  • If the owner of the derelict cannot be identified, the Authorized Officer must contact the Traffic Department for assistance
  • The officer can also search for the VIN number of the vehicle to enable easier identification of the derelict owner
  • After owner is found he must be given 3 days to remove derelict from a public place
  • If owner consents to remove vehicle, the Authorized Officer must place an adhesive notice giving the date for removal
  • The Authorized Officer can also place a red coloured X on the vehicle to inform others that the owner of the vehicle has thus consented
  • If owner is not found, a removal notice must be Gazetted or placed in a newspaper, to mention the removal and making mention that the vehicle will be disposed of if not claimed within 7 days of the notice
  • The Authorized Officer must seek approval of the Minister for removal of Gazetted vehicles
  • The Authorized Officer must inform the owner that through the Minister a cost for disposal will be charged
  • The derelict vehicle owner may be asked to sign a consent form which will give the DSWMC permission to remove the vehicle. The owner will then be asked to pay a small fee for transportation and disposal to the landfill

The Disposal Entity

  • Only derelict vehicles with a red coloured X must be removed from a public place
  • The Entity must get written confirmation from the Authorized Officer or Local Authority, that the owner has consented to remove the vehicle
  • Vehicles which have been Gazetted must be placed in a secured holding area until the Minister decides to dispose of said in such manner as he sees fit
  • Before the expiration of three months after the sale of vehicle, any person who satisfies the Minister that he was the owner, shall pay the aggregate of the expenses incurred in respect of the removal, storage and disposal of the derelict vehicle

Complete the Derelict Vehicle Remove Form (PDF, 52 KB) to request removal of a derelict vehicle.

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