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Adopt a Block

Let's work towards a litter free RoseauThe Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation, in collaboration with the Discover Dominica Authority, and the Roseau City Council,is pleased to present the SMART BIN; a critical solution to alleviate the litter problem in the City of Roseau. It is part of the Adopt a Block initiative.

The programme is geared towards Business owners taking some level of ownership of the various "Blocks" around the city.

Business owners will feel a sense of pride of their respective blocks thereby ensuring its cleanliness and general upkeep; with the understanding that cleanliness also translates into good business.

The programme can involve the following participation for each “block”: purchase of up to 4-6 garbage bins, maintenance of up to 2 street lights, the provision of man power resources for washing down streets and to keep the respective block clean on a daily basis.

  • The smart bin is robust and can be permanently attached to the side walk next to your business
  • You can attach your advertisement on the bin as per specified guidelines
  • The DSWMC will be responsible for empting it regularly
  • The SMART BIN costs EC$550.00, which includes installation and first year collection and disposal
  • The DSWMC will be responsible for placing garbage bags in the bins

Read the Adopt a Block (PDF, 1.8 MB) brochure for more information.